Trustco Life


Trustco Life Limited is a long-term insurance company registered in March 2006 in terms of the Long-term Insurance Act 5 of 1998.


Insurance has now become accessible to every individual in Namibia with the launch of Trustco Life Plus.  Trustco Life Plus will help to ensure that your dependents have adequate funds when you are no longer around to care for them.


What’s more, with Trustco Life Plus, you have the option to increase your life cover without your premium being increased.


Guardian Life


Guardian Life is suitable for households with children and includes Funeral Cover, Guardian Expenses, and a savings component.


Guardian Life provides peace of mind in the event that the bread winner passes on. Similarly, it also serves as an effective vehicle to save for longer-term goals like your child’s education or to give their entrepreneurial spirit a boost! Guardian Life is therefore a long-term insurance- and savings policy, in one. You can also access your funds on five-year intervals without penalties.


Funeral Shield


Funeral Shield enables individuals to appropriately make provision for funeral expenditure.   Single and family options are available (including or excluding HIV/AIDS cover).

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