Trustco Life Ltd

Trustco Life Limited is a long-term insurance company, registered in terms of the Long-term Insurance Act No 5 of 1998 in March 2006. Trustco Life offers a diversified range of financial and risk products with underlying investments in property, equity and educational loans.

The flagship product of Trustco Life is our Funeral Shield product.  Death is inevitable and we should not leave the burden of funeral costs to our loved ones.  With Funeral Shield you can ensure financial assistance for the costs involved in a funeral.  On the family option up to 12 individuals can be covered.  Single policy options are also available and HIV/AIDS cover can be included or excluded.

In 2013 Trustco Life entered the traditional life insurance market with the launch of a term life product called Yambu Life.  With Yambu Life, life insurance became more accessible to the man on the street with cover starting at a cost of less than N$5.00 per day and from the outset, medical testing was not compulsory.  Medical testing may result in increased cover at no extra cost should the individual’s life style and risk factors have improved since inception.

Following in the footsteps of the term life product, a whole life product called Trustco 4 Life Plus, was launched in 2017.  Various premium and cover options are available with this product to ensure your loved ones are looked after should the inevitable happen.  One of the benefits of this product is that you can get all your premiums back after 15 claim free years.  A first for Namibia.  This is a great option for those who need life insurance as collateral for a home loan at a banking institution.

Traditional medical cover is extremely expensive and not affordable to all Namibians. The OnawaMed product, underwritten by Trustco Life, provides cover to families against the costs of private doctor’s medical consultations and acute medicine.

Other benefits underwritten by Trustco Life include dread disease, hospital cover, loss of income due to illness, school fees and household expenses. Further benefits available to members is the drafting of wills and administration of estates.

To encourage a savings culture and to promote the financial health of members, Trustco Life introduced a savings policy in 2016 which led to the launch of various investment opportunities with above market related returns. These investment vehicles provide investors not only with the choice of term but also let them choose how and when they receive their returns. The capital invested as well as the returns on these investment products are guaranteed.