Savings & Investments

‘Saving’ simply means putting aside part of your income for later use.

When you then use those savings to try to earn income, this is now

called ‘investing’. The two terms may seem similar, but actually mean

very different things, since you can save without investing whereas you

generally, cannot invest without saving first –unless you inherited the

money, won it, gained it from the sale of assets or simply took it straight

from your salary.


Most people assume you must first earn a comfortable income to be able to save. Actually, the opposite is true: IF you first save and then invest, you will eventually earn a comfortable income. In fact, the less you earn, the more you CAN NOT afford NOT to save.

Look at it this way: if you think your income is insufficient now, what about later on when your needs increase? In contrast, a wealthier person could survive without saving.

If you are not already saving, start today!

You will thank yourself for it one day!!