Start Save

With Start Save, the entry-level product from Trustco Life, clients can start their savings career while staying connected. Every dollar saved not only earns interest, but also earns data.


How much can I save?

The minimum monthly recurring savings amount is N$250.00 and the maximum monthly recurring savings amount is N$1000.00.


How much interest will I earn on my savings?

You will earn 3.5 % pa compound interest.


How will I receive my data?

A TN Mobile SIM card will be allocated and issued to you once your policy has been approved.  Once a valid receipt reflects in the books of Trustco Life the data will be transferred to the SIM card allocated to you.


How much data will I receive?

The data will be allocated based on your monthly recurring savings amount as per the table below:

Monthly Recurring Savings AmountData Allocation
N$250.00 – N$499.002GB monthly
N$500.00 – N$749.004GB monthly
N$750.00 – N$999.006GB monthly
N$1000.008GB monthly


What will happen if I don’t pay my monthly recurring savings amount?

If we don’t receive a valid payment for a specific month that data as per the table above will not be allocated to your SIM card.  Your interest will however be calculated on the balance of your accumulated savings balance.


What is the savings term of a Start Save Policy?

The term for a Start Save Policy is 5 (60 months) years.


How can I withdraw my funds?

Funds can be withdrawn at any time on 7 days written notice.  Penalties will apply for early withdrawal or cancellation.


StartSave Policy Contract


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