Funeral  Cover

Funeral cover is a long-term insurance product underwritten by Trustco Life Ltd.  Single policies and family packages are available with optional cover for HIV. The policy pays out a funeral benefit of N$30 000 upon the death of the insured or his/her spouse.  Accidental death receives double the cover. Children are covered for N$15 000, and N$30 000 if death is accidental.

Who is covered?

You, your spouse or partner in a recognised customary union or co-habiting partner, under the age of 65, and a maximum of five (5) dependents, under the age of 21, who form part of the household, are covered.  A dependent who studies full-time at a recognised tertiary institution and who is under the age of 25 is included.  On the Family Funeral plan you can now add an extra family member under the age of 65 who will enjoy cover of N$15 000 upon death and N$30 000 if death was caused by an accident.

What benefits do I receive?

Payment of the insured amount of the funeral benefit to a nominated beneficiary or your estate to assist with the expenses related to your funeral.

How do I claim?

A claim form, together with a death certificate and relevant medical documentation, has to be submitted within 90 days of the death to the nearest Trustco Life office.

Once I have claimed, what happens next?

The claim will be assessed and if approved, the funeral benefit will be paid to the nominated beneficiary or the estate.

What is the monthly premium?

Individual:       N$63 (HIV cover excluded)

N$107 (HIV cover included)

Family:             N$149 (HIV cover excluded)

N$215 (HIV cover included)

* Extra Cover: N$237 (HIV cover excluded)

N$322 (HIV cover included)



* With Extra Cover children will also be covered for N$30 000 and N$60 000 in the event of accidental death.

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